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Certified Professional in Demand Forecasting (CPDF®)





A training program leading to the certification of demand forecasters and planners



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The CPDF qualification will address multidimensional job roles in product/service demand forecasting such as data display and validation, database management, dashboard display, understanding quantitative and qualitative projection techniques, model creation and execution, rolling forecasting, forecast accuracy measurement, model and forecaster performance analysis, organization, and collaborative planning. A certification can be earned at three levels: Develop the knowledge, skills, talents and sensitivities that are critical to achieving your goals now and in the future.

The Certified Professional in Demand Forecasting (CPDF) curriculum was launched in 2007 as a new voice in the forecaster training world. In the contrast to conventional training programs to forecaster certification that are based on listening to over views on techniques and the rote memorization of multiple choice exam questions, the (CPDF) curriculum emphasizes learning the collaborative process of doing the forecasting job efficiently and by successfully mastering forecasting review cycles.

You get promoted when you have changed your job, not just done a good or excellent job!

The CPDF hands-on workshops offer practical tools for your on-the-jobs learning to enrich your job function and enhance your value to the business. Endorsed by the International Institute of Forecasters (www.forecasters.org), our best practices Structured Workshops In Forecaster Training (SWIFT) courseware for demand forecasters and planners offers individuals and organizations the skills and standards necessary to perform at the world-class levels with forecasting effectiveness and productivity in todays highly competitive, global market place.

What will You Learn?

For beginners and professionals with specific industrial experience, the CPDF face-to-face courses provide the concepts and techniques behind all the facets of demand planning, from data sourcing and structuring forecast data, analyzing forecasting models to creating a final forecast for Sales & Operations Planning. For people who are new to the field -- at either managerial or operational levels -- the scope and perspective of these courses are indispensable. For this learning process, we utilize Excel and Excel Add-In to reinforce best practices and avoid worst practices. You will master state-of-the-art forecasting techniques and practices with PEERFORECASTER, and easy-to-use Excel Add-In.

Using a hands-on, interactive workshop structure, you'll define the demand forecasting and planning work cycle and its essentials contributions to all aspects of Sale & Operations (S&OP) planning process. You will gain a profound understanding of how all the components of the S&OP planning process work together with a 'best practices' demand forecasting cycle. Some of the topic include:

Determining Customer Needs, New Product Requirements and Location-specific demand patterns

Utilize Proven Data Analytics for Analysis and Predictive Reporting

Structuring Data Sources for Automatic Forecasting

Preparing the Most Important Drivers for the Forecasting Process

Designing an Effective Forecast Support System for Decision Making

Identifying the Most Appropriate Accuracy Measures and Applying Them Correctly

Interpreting Regression Models for Forecasting Trend, Cycles, Seasonal and Promotional Patterns

Selecting the Final Forecast Numbers With Field Sales Input in a Collaborative Framework

Measuring Risk and Creating Forecast Ranges in an Uncertain Demand Forecasting World

Implementing a Sales and Operations Process While Breaking Down Organizational Silos

Analyzing the Business Environment From a Multi-Impact Perspective

Eventhough All Forecasts are Wrong, Know How to Reconcile Baseline Demand Forecasts, Models and Field Forecasters

Developing rolling forecasts to optimize the budgeting and financial cycles

Implementing and Supporting World-Class Forecasting Practices


The CPDF Certification Curriculum is All About Hands-on Learning

The CPDF certification curriculum has been endorsed by the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF). Upon completion of three CPDF credentials, a participant will be awarded the IIF Certified Forecaster designation. A CPDF certification credential can be earned at three levels:

CPDF - Level I: Forecasting Principles and Best Practices comprises 80% of the forecasting work cycle (15 contact hours/ 70 independent hours).

CPDF - Level II: Demand Forecasting Methodology and Performance Measurement comprises an additional 15% of the forecasting work cycle (15 contact hours/ 50 independent hours).

CPDF - Level III: Forecast Collaboration and Process Integration comprises the remaining 5% of the forecasting work cycle, self-paced e-learning worksheet problems as exams.

Who will Attend?

Newcomers to the demand planning management field

Experienced professionals who'd like to increase their forecasting knowledge

Executive form other corporate areas who's been placed in positions that now manage demand planning activities

    Demand forecasters and planners,

    Production planners,

    Supply chain planners and managers,

    Strategy developers and planners,

    Customer insight and market intelligence specialist managers,

    Business developers and managers,

    Sales and operations planners, specialists and managers,









CPDF- Smarter Demand Forecasting and Planning Training 

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Note: It is hands-on workshop. Please brings your laptop to run the computer exercises!!! 

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